February 23rd, 2015


Today we are very excited to premiere “Falling From The Sky” from our forthcoming album EDGE OF THE SUN via Stereogum.  It includes Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses on background vocals.

“Falling from the Sky” was written when landing in New Zealand, having read the children’s book “The House in the Night” which has a similar phrasing as the chorus in this song… the song could be about not knowing where life is heading sometimes – there is nostalgia and an attempt to convey the importance of mystery and magic in our lives. Our instincts tell us to take giant leaps, whilst our minds remind us to be more cautious. When we find ourselves truly alone or facing our biggest challenges, it is then that we are most in tune with our true selves and the world around us, or in this case amongst the universe and stars above.” – Joey