September 18th, 2018

The Black Light – 20th Anniversary Edition

Big news to share from Calexico HQ. We’re pleased to announce the 20th Anniversary re-issue of The Black Light, available November 23 from Touch and Go Records (US) and City Slang (EU).

The 20th Anniversary reissue is available for pre-order now, including a special deluxe edition with new gatefold artwork, 180g clear double vinyl, expanded liner notes by Joey and John, and 11 bonus tracks. You can also pre-order the record on double cdstandard black vinyl, and in digital formats. If you’d rather bundle your order – we’ve got you covered with an exclusive new t-shirt featuring Victor Gastelum’s updated art.

From Joey:
I’ve enjoyed revisiting “The Black Light” and finding old sketchbooks from 20 years ago. The room sound and space in the performances remind me of the wide open feeling I had when first arriving to Tucson in the early 90’s. It’s a beautiful snapshot in time and place, and filled with heart. I always wanted to build a thrift store orchestra and this is the closest John and I ever got. A lot of it was made up along the way by assembling an assortment of sounds that turned into songs; some of which we exchanged over short but sweet phone machine messages. We couldn’t have done it without both record labels who are still close friends of ours to this day or without the immense help from the extremely talented Victor Gastelum. The community that was so small back then still has that close connection and small-town vibe today. We couldn’t have made it all this way without the listeners and supporters of independent music. Thank you.

From John:
“The Black Light” is one of my favorites, maybe even my most favorite of all our records. It was the first one we did in the studio, and coming out of the band ‘The Friends of Dean Martinez,’ it was a time of experimentation with a lot of new instruments and what we could do with more than just four or eight tracks. Listening back now, I hear a lot of patience in the mixing and structuring of the songs. We put in long nights in the studio trying lots of different things out. I’m very excited that it has a re-release moment, a chance to show Victor’s amazing art in a different color, new bonus tracks, Joey’s notes – which are a fascinating read – and commentary written by our long time friend Wyndham Wallace. I’m super grateful that there is still so much interest in the record, and the band after 20+ years. 

May 31st, 2018

Calexico – KJZZ Tiny Desert Concert Series

We stopped by KJZZ Phoenix to perform for their Tiny Desert Concert series ahead of the next leg of The Thread That Keeps Us tour. Watch the performance above and see all upcoming tour dates HERE.

May 23rd, 2018

Calexico – Another Space (Official Lyric Video)

We’re happy to release the video for the track “Another Space” filmed by Jonny Sanders. It’s a hypnotic look at daily life thru the eye of time lapse.

See you on the road this summer.

May 7th, 2018

Calexico – “Voices in the Field” (Live From Here)

Watch “Voices in the Field” from our April 28 performance on Live from Here.

Listen back to the full show HERE.

May 6th, 2018

Calexico – “Cumbia de Donde” (Live From Here)

Watch “Cumbia de Donde” from last week’s Live from Here at The Town Hall. Find videos of all of the songs we performed HERE and listen back to the full show HERE.