November 22nd, 2006

Calexico & Los Lobos

los lobos

Joey Burns looks forward to the December 8th & 9th Fillmore shows with Los Lobos:

“An inspiration for many years, Los Lobos have more variety and depth than many American bands. Their musical tradition stretches across different styles of music and yet they still carve out their own voice.

They can do anything, and pull it off with soul and style. I’ve seen them play acoustically, juggling instruments within songs, and I’ve seen them rock at festivals like Bonnarroo and Austin City Limits. There’s nothing Los Lobos can’t do.

We are honored to get to play two nights with Los Lobos at San Fransisco’s Fillmore, it seems a fitting place for both bands to meet. The venue’s walls are lined with concert posters from the 60’s until present, embracing rock, jazz, blues, world, folk and experimental music. Both bands in some way tap into a lot of the variety of music that has graced the stage over the years. I know these two nights are going to be equally unique and exciting and wouldn’t be surprised if there were collaborations occuring as well.”