November 29th, 2006

Top 10 Album picks

Calexico was recently asked: What are the top 10 albums you enjoyed this year?

benjy ferreeJoey Burns:
1. Benjy Ferree “Leaving The Nest” (Domino Records)
2. Califone “Roots and Crowns” (Thrill Jockey)
3. Vinicio Capossela “Ovunque Proteggi” (Atlantic Italy)
4. A Hawk and A Hacksaw “The Way the Wind Blows” (The Leaf Label)
5. Euros Childs “Chops” (Witchita Records)
6. Dominique A “L’Horizon” (Olympic Disc)
7. Lambchop “Damaged” (Merge Records)
8: Beirut “Gulag Orkestar”
9. Charlotte Gainsbourg “5:55” (Because)
10. Annuals “Be He Me” (Ace Fu)

and a few more…
Thomas Belhom “No Border”(Ici D’ailleurs)
Joanna Newsom “YS” (Drag City)
Smog “Rock Bottom Riser” (Drag City)
Richard Buckner “Meadow”
Lisa Germano “In The Maybe World”

kunstoffVolker Zander:
1. Move D “Kunststoff”
2. Final Fantasy “He Poos Clouds”
3. Beirut “Gulag Orkestar”
4. A Hawk and a Hacksaw “Where the Wind Blows”
5. Ekkehard Ehlers “A Life Without Fear”
6. Candi Statton “His Hands”
7. Milton Nasquimento “Clube Da Esquina”
8. Festland “An Euren Fenstern Wachsen Blumen”
9. Barbara Morgenstern “The Grass Is Always Greener”
10. Blood Music “Sing A Song Fighter!”

Joanna Newsom “YS”
Isan “Plans Drawn In Pencil”

brokebackPaul Niehaus:
1. Brokeback “Looks At The Bird” (Thrill Jockey)
2. TV on the Radio “Young Liars ep” (Touch and Go)
3. Johnny Paycheck “The Gospel Truth – The Complete Gospel Sessions” (Little Darlin’)
4. Muddy Waters “More Real Folk Blues” (MCA)
5. Jimmy Day ” Golden Steel Guitar Hits/Steel and Strings (Bear Family)
6. Brian Eno “Ambient 1-Music For Airports” (Virgin)
7. Lightnin’ Hopkins “Prestige Profiles” (Prestige)
8. Thomas Belhom “No Border” (Ici D’ailleurs)
9. Lambchop “Damaged” (Merge)
10. Dominique A “L’Horizon” (Le Pop Musik)